Remodeling Features: Cabinets

Here are some photos of a few of the Cabinets I’ve built and/or installed. Even most of the factory-built cabinets have needed modifications or repairs before installation could be completed. One time I had some kitchen cabinets come from an east coast manufacturer and the largest cabinet (the pantry) that had to be set first was damaged beyond repair. Another one was ordered and also arrived damaged weeks later. I was able to re-create a replacement out of the parts from the two broken ones that I had to work with, and ended up with no extra parts to spare. (Sometimes you have to be creative in your problem-solving.) The sales lady at the cabinets’ store was more than happy about it.

Here you go:

The next Remodeling Features will show the transformation of a home office/catch-all space that was converted into a home’s wet bar.

Stay tuned for more
Remodeling Features!


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I'm a licensed California contractor, specializing in distinctive home remodels and additions: kitchens, bathrooms and whole-house remodeling. A client recently told me, "Your passion is remodeling!" But, my focus is Customer Service - it's the only "product" I sell . . . remodeling just happens to be the way I do this. See me at my WEBSITE . . .
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