A Bit About Me & What I Do . . .

Hello there!

My name is Bob, and I am a licensed California contractor (continuously since 1984). I specialize in distinctive home remodels and additions: especially kitchens, bathrooms and whole-house remodeling. A client of mine recently told me, “Your passion is remodeling!” But, my focus is Customer Service – it’s the only “product” I sell . . . remodeling just happens to be the way that I do this. I have worked with more than 250 clients and completed more than 300 of their projects over the years. My website is located at:
Robert D Youngs Contractor

seeing him step right into the paint roller pan

My background in building started as a child when my own father was remodeling the homes that we lived in. I really enjoyed helping him. Some of my memories of these times are very special to me: the time my dad stepped off of the kitchen counter (he was painting the 10′ high ceiling with a short-handled paint roller) and seeing him step right into the paint roller pan; the time he was doing a ‘tight-rope’ act with a wheel barrow full of wet concrete up a narrow ramp into the back yard and lost the load all over the yard; helping him re-construct a fish pond that I discovered abandoned and buried in one of our backyards; pouring many concrete patios and walkways (mixing often by hand in the wheelbarrow or a rented power mixer); building decks, steps, patio covers and such; wallpapering with ‘flocked’ wall-covering; re-constructing a roof system.  It’s also what my dad saw his father doing as he was growing up.

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As I grew a bit older I used to frequent the developments of new homes that were often being constructed nearby. (The North Bay Area was growing steadily for most of my youth.) It always fascinated me to see things being built . . . it still does! I remember spending so many hours in the evenings (usually into the ‘wee’ hours of the morning) building things in our ‘barn’ on the back of the property where we lived. And, I have always enjoyed helping people by fixing and creating things that made their lives a little bit better.

As a young man I went off to college (ultimately studying business and construction management) and ended up in the construction industry, building just about everything: homes, condominiums, warehouses, tilt-up concrete and pre-cast concrete buildings, steel structures, heavy timber structures, industrial and commercial facilities, multi-million dollar custom mansions in the hills, office complexes, historic renovations and restorations, retail buildings, commercial tenant improvements, and now . . . residential remodeling.  I also spent some years in an architectural office doing project management, writing specifications’ manuals (200+ pages usually), procuring building permits, creating the doors, hardware and windows schedules for the projects being designed, and whatever else needed doing.

I enjoy the problem-solving aspects of remodeling (probably 50% of every remodel), and I particularly like getting to know people and helping them to create beautiful living places of their homes. I also enjoy doing the research of products, materials and applications, and the project development of these remodels. I am constantly learning about the new things going on in this industry. Homes don’t really change that much over time but a lot of new products and applications are always at the forefront of the industry.


3 Responses to A Bit About Me & What I Do . . .

  1. Daniel Webb says:

    Great Blog Bob! Keep up the good work.

  2. Susan Y. says:

    Excellent job on the kitchen, Bob.

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